A Brief Synopsis

“After a job turns sour, a treasure-hunting mercenary is left out of dough and sporting a shiny black eye. In other words, just another day in the life of 1930s adventuress Merona Grant. When presented with an opportunity for adventure and, more importantly, cash, Merona takes up the offer to follow a coded map and hunt down Judas Iscariot’s infamous thirty pieces of silver. The only caveat? Babysitting the expedition’s financier: an elderly, thrill-seeking aristocrat with a propensity for attracting trouble. A ragtag team is assembled, complete with a loyal dog, a stalwart pilot, a poised linguist, and a fusspot physician. But when a hail of bullets threatens their quest before departure, it becomes blindingly clear that ancient puzzles and booby-traps will be the least of their worries, as cultists, curses, and undead hordes begin to rear their ugly heads. Why can’t quests for ancient treasure ever just be simple?”

Invictum Digital has partnered with Brina Williamson to bring her exciting book to life! We will be working to create a full-cast, fully dramatized adaptation of her book into the audio drama format. While we will stay faithful to her story, we will not make use of a narrator, so some dialog and scenes may differ slightly to allow them to work better in this format. We look forward to bringing you more information soon!

About The Author

Brina Williamson

A mad scribbler of art and fiction, Brina Williamson spends her days hunched over a drawing table or keyboard, developing her skills and habitual bad posture.

Her stories always seem to end up finding their way to a 1920s – 1940s setting or theme, and Brina has happily embraced the vintage genre, primarily writing cozy mysteries and pulp adventures.

Her not-as-loyal-as-in-fiction dog likes to find awkward and cramped places near Brina’s feet to nap whenever she is working, but also enjoys fetch, walks, and discovering new ways to give her owner mini heart attacks whenever the doorbell rings.