What are we trying to create?

“What if the tale of Gilgamesh wasn’t just simple fantasy?
What if it was a story carefully constructed to hide an ancient truth that the world was never meant to discover?”

Hello friend & welcome! Do words like “adventure,” “historical fiction,” “archeology,” “romance,” and “action-packed” perk up your ears?
If so, you may be an adventure lover like we are! If you’ve been looking for a new voyage into the world of escapism, boy do we have some exciting news to share with you!

We are currently working on the pilot for a brand-new audio drama series called “The Invicta Collective!”

Our story, taking place in the 1930s, will follow Arthur, Mohammed, Lola, Bashir, and a wide range of colorful characters as they seek to unearth the shocking truth behind this ancient Mesopotamian mystery all while facing down a violent foe who seems to want to stop their mission no matter the cost. Think “Indiana Jones meets the Strange Brigade” and you’ll be close to the pulp action style we’re going for! For the 25 minutes a week that you put your headphones on and join our story, you’ll be immersed in an audio drama adventure that will blow your mind and take you to places you’ve only dreamed of!

Keep reading for more information about the format of the show!

The facts are simple – We can’t do it without you! We need the finances to be able to afford to create our drama. We are currently working on our pilot (Episode One of our story), but when it’s finished, we are going to try to raise the money for the rest of the first season through crowdfunding! We want to release the full pilot first (& FREE) so that you & other listeners are able to hear what the series will sound like & then rest assured that your money will be well invested!

If you’re willing to follow us on social media, you’ll be able to see the latest news about this project as well as other ideas we have in the pipeline! It’s also the simplest way for us to stay in touch with you without filling your inbox with a ton of emails!

Next to your financial support, your willingness to share this upcoming project with your friends & followers is probably the most valuable way you can assist us in our mission! We would count it a high honor if you would join in our adventure & pass the word along! After all, the more people who know about The Invicta Collective, the better chance we have of creating an amazing auditory experience for you!

We can’t wait to add more!

Meet Arthur Hughes

British Male – Age 34

Bio: Born to hard-working, intelligent parents who schooled him in languages, arts, etc… When conscripted into service in World War 1, Arthur makes a decision that gives birth to strong personal demons that will haunt him forever. Due to his upbringing and extensive knowledge of languages, etc… he now makes a living as a consultant on archeological digs.

Meet Lola Morris

American Female – Age 29

Bio: Her parents were poor simple farmers. She was raised in the country but wants to shrug off that life for the life of a scholar and entrepreneur. A self-proclaimed “Jane-of-all-trades,” she has worked her way up to owning one of the largest certified excavation companies in the world. Quite a feat for a woman in that time period. Though she tries very hard to give off an air of confidence, inside, she doubts whether she really has what it takes to truly make something of herself.

Graham Rowat


Sarah Ruth Thomas


David Ogrodowski


Caleb Bressler


Jonathan Cooke


Alistair Mackey


John Doyle


William English III


Ahmad Joudeh

as the Excavation Crew

Who else is behind the scenes?

Evan Boyerman


Matthew Higgins

Story Writer

Vincent Dajani

Script Writer

Jonathan Winstead

Sound Design/Story Writer

Matthew’s Markers

Character Artwork

“Years before, Gilgamesh said to Siduri, ‘How can I be silent, how can I rest, when Enkidu whom I love is dust, and I too shall die?’……Now, the people of the city are not silent; they lift up, the lament… for Gilgamesh, the son of Ninsun, lies in the tomb.”

— Excerpt from The Epic Of Gilgamesh —

What should you expect from our series?

The story arc we have in mind for The Invicta Collective series is a story arc that we feel will take five seasons to tell, though, at this time, we will only be trying to fund the first season. Each season will have around eight episodes at a runtime of approx 25min each. Apart from the beginning and ending credits, our show will not rely on the use of a narrator to describe what is going on. We will instead rely on sound design and creative word use to form an experience that will immerse you into the action alongside our main characters!

Crowdfunding a first season?

Many audio dramas have had great success in crowdfunding when they are able to produce the first season on their own and then try to crowdfund season two and beyond. This makes sense because it gives you the opportunity to listen to the show, get a feel for the production values, become invested in the characters and story, and then decide if you want more.

So why aren’t we doing that?

Simply put, because Invictum Digital is a studio of “one.” I put that word in quotes because there is no way I could do what I do without the talents and assistance of many wonderful people, like the ones listed in the cast and crew for this project. Wonderful people that I would like to pay for their services! My name is Jonathan Winstead, I’m a freelance sound designer. Invictum Digital is something I came up with so that people could find my/our projects. I don’t have the backing of any corporations or entertainment companies, it’s just me. I started creating audio dramas as a hobby and asked friends to help out for free, but I’d like to create more dramas. Better dramas! And I’d like to pay respectable rates to the people that help make it all possible!

Why should you invest in us?

How do you know if our project will be any good? Well, here’s a few thoughts on that totally valid question:

  • Look at the cast we have so far! Visit their sites & listen to their previous work. They’re awesome!
  • Check out our composer! Evan Boyerman is an award-winning composer who has created a ton of incredible music. We are very fortunate to have him!
  • Listen to our previous audio dramas. Our past audio dramas have been included in the Official Selections for and nominated for awards in multiple categories at the NJ Webfest, Miami Webfest, Senneca Awards, LA Webfest, & Cusco Webfest. One of our past dramas won Best Original Score and Best Leading Performance in a Narrative Fiction Podcast at the NJ Webfest in 2022. It was a fan project, finished before I started Invictum Digital, that I don’t want to name here for legal reasons, but it was an amazingly fun project and still available for free listening! Our most recent audio drama can be found below and it is in festivals this year!

Listen to Savage Waking: Obliteration for FREE!

  • Listen to our pilot episode when it comes out! Get a taste of the real thing!


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